Ashes Scattering

Fulfilling their final wishes on the river Thames at Windsor.

French Brothers are proud to offer boats for exclusive private charter for the scattering of ashes. A discreet and personal service is assured.

This service includes a private vessel to take you and your guests upstream from Windsor allowing ashes to be scattered amongst the flowing waters of the Thames at the Boveney Weir stream.

Our CELEBRATION OF LIFE CRUISE is a unique option for family and friends looking for a private tranquil venue following a funeral.

Sailing Information

  • Peaceful cruise along the flowing Thames.
  • Regular sailings available from 10:00.
  • Available daily (must be pre-booked).
  • 1 hours cruise to Boveney Weir and return.
  • From 2 to 50 family guests (larger groups up to 150 passengers on request).
  • Discreet and personal service.
  • A bar service is available as standard serving hot & cold drinks..
  • Catering options are available, talk to our team for further details.


:: MENU OPTION CL2 - £2.95 per person
  • Selection of Luxury biscuits.
  • A cup of tea or coffee.
-- All pricing is inclusive or exempt of VAT --
  • Fulfilling their final wishes . . .
  • on the tranquility of the river . . .
  • a private respectful service . . .

Refreshments for Ashes Scattering Ceremonies
Light refreshments available
Talk to our team for details

Call our sales team on
01753 827376
to discuss your requirements