TV & Film

Our boats can greatly enhance the atmosphere of any film job - whether you are filming a high budget motion picture, or a fill in piece for a light entertainment programme.

Modern Fleet

Any of our modern passenger vessels will enhance any up to date production, whether it be a location in itself or simply featured in the background.

Historic Steamboats

Nothing paints a more interesting and authentic picture when filming a period drama than incorporating a steam boat within the film schedule.

Skippers & Technical Services

Our professional skippers understand the complexities of the need for direction and can repeat manoeuvres to ensure continuity and the overall the quality of a required shot.

Film Crew Support

Safety Boats
Stable river platform camera vessels
Lifejacket rental
Rowing boats
Tug and towing service
River survey and location planning
Pre filming photographic assignments
Antique riverboat paraphernalia
Riverboat related Props
  • The New Queen of the Thames
  • S.L. Nuneham
  • The Bray Royale
  • The Windsor Monarch

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Historic Steamboats :

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